About Amalgama

Do you love hand-made things? We at Amalgama love them too!

Amalgama is a new Bulgarian brand for handmade and custom made jewelry that mixes the old retro look with contemporary aesthetics. Everything created by us is an author's mix, created and combined manually, most often in one or several unique pieces.

The name Amalgama means a ``mixture`` of various non-typical materials, styles or ideas. Every person is an amalgam, and it is important for us to uncover its components. We take the necessary attention to every product so we can gladly deliver it to you, guaranteeing quality and authenticity.

“Very beautiful and delicate jewerly. I would wear them with pleasure! :)”

– Iliyana Yaneva

“It’s great that you could order jewels that are unique and fit exatcly those outfits that you otherwise never managerd to combine with suitable assessories. You are awesome! Continue to create beauty”

– Yana Traikova

“Unique jewelery, suitable for both daily outfits and special occasions, combining style, beauty and personality into one!”

– Viara Vasileva

“Well done, admirations for your cool ideas! The end result will be very interesting.”

– Liliya Parapunska